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. The Capital of Texas Zoo is one of Greater Austin's and Bastrop's most exciting adventures! Just 20 minutes east of downtown Austin, the Zoo is home to over 500 rare and beautiful wild animals. The Capital of Texas Zoo is the largest and fastest going  zoo in Central Texas. We have over 400 family members who buy a yearly family membership, so they can visit numerous times throughout the year!  



Come and Meet "Tank the Hippo!" 

When Tank was 1  1/2 he weighed around 800 pounds. He has grown to an EXTRAORDINARY 4000 pounds!!   

Fortunately, he is not a lap Hippo  :)


 Our Zoo is small compared to places like San Antonio or Houston, but we are a pretty, intimate little place with happy and healthy animals.  We have breeding programs for fourteen endangered species here, and  this is our main reason for existing. Most people love us. Give us a chance, and we predict you will love us, too!  


03/18/2019 - 03/22/19

Spring Break

9 AM TO 5 PM

Capital of Texas Zoo

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03/18/2019 - 03/22/19

Spring Break

We invite you to visit the Zoo for Spring Break!  Kona Ice will be joining us, YUM!

9 AM TO 5 PM

Capital of Texas Zoo


Bastrop Bridal Extravoganza

10 AM TO 6 PM

Hampton Inn Bastrop

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Bastrop Bridal Extravoganza

All Brides Welcome to come see us, as we will be promoting our beautiful new venue, Peacock Square Pavilion! See what we have to offer on our 27 acre Zoo!

10 AM TO 6 PM

Hampton Inn Bastrop


Earth Day

9 AM TO 5 PM

Capital of Texas Zoo

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Earth Day


Come Celebrate this special day with us and learn how to take care of our planet, and all who live in it with us, we will have guest speakers and vendors! 
Come plant seeds and take your plant home and watch it grow!

Our special Guest speaker(s)
Chistopher Parachini - Endangered Houston Toad Preserve

Our Vendors - 

Color Street - Jennifer Tarango

Stress Me Not Essential Oils - Diasy Colon

Keep checking back for more information!

9 AM TO 5 PM

Capital of Texas Zoo


Easter with the Animals

Toddler Egg Hunt 3 and Under - Main Egg Hunt - 4 to 11

Capital of Texas Zoo

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Easter with the Animals

Come celebrate Easter with us and participate in our Easter Egg Hunt, this is a contest  with Prizes!  

Egg hunt is free with regular purchase of admission.  

Zoo Members are free!  

Times of egg hunt are precise!

Toddler Egg Hunt will begin at 10 am - 11 am. 

Main Egg Hunt will be from 11 am to 12 pm. 

(Keep checking back for more information.)

Toddler Egg Hunt 3 and Under - Main Egg Hunt - 4 to 11

Capital of Texas Zoo

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  We are searching for people who want to show their love of wildlife and conservation, and are willing to show this love by becoming one of our volunteers.  Our volunteers are one of the most important assets of the Capital of Texas Zoo.

Our volunteers work hand in hand with the zoo staff in all aspects of the zoo’s operation, from assisting zoo visitors, presenting educational programs, helping zookeepers with animal care, assisting horticulture staff with maintaining the botanical collection, and providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our patrons. There are a wide variety of opportunities available. 

Currently we are searching for responsible people who can volunteer a minimum of 1 or 2 days per month, we have found that most volunteers fall in love with our animals and in turn devote 2-4 days a month to the zoo.

All potential volunteers are interviewed, and all volunteers must complete a new volunteer orientation and tuberculosis screening prior to beginning service. Volunteers are chosen based upon the needs of the zoo. Some positions have specific age or previous experience requirements, as noted in the descriptions.

Jr. Keeper Program


Are you at least 13, and thinking about a career with animals?

If you answered yes to these questions then come join the Capital of Texas Zoo as a volunteer Junior Keeper. A great resume builder for college applicants.

Junior Keepers work side by side with a zookeeper in many of the areas of running a zoo, and also learning some cool animal facts and animal behaviors. Of course, this means expect to do everything from scooping poop to feeding a baby animal!

Junior Keepers are encouraged to come to the zoo as often as possible, as long as it has been coordinated with one of the staff.

Time Requirement

We ask that Junior Keepers commit to one year of volunteering. Junior Keepers are expected to work a minimum of two days a month during the winter, and one day a week during the summer, and to work at least

For safety reasons, Junior Keepers must be responsible and follow direction!




The Capital of Texas Zoological Society is a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable 501(c)(3) support organization. Your cash or in-kind donations to help the Capital of Texas Zoological Society are tax deductible.

Donations are used for some rescue work (the zoo currently houses about 50 rescue animals now).  Our main focus is on the conservation of endangered species, whether in a responsible breeding program here at the Zoo, or for an in situ conservation program in another country.  For example, currently the Capital of Texas Zoo is engaged in developing a project in China to help the highly endangered Chinese Alligator.  The Capital of Texas Zoo cooperates with Zoos around the world for the protection and continuance of animals needing assistance for survival.

Cash donations of any size are appreciated and serve a great cause.



 Days available and prices:



$9.25 person

Capital of Texas Zoo is currently the only zoo in the U.S breeding AUSTRALIAN DINGOES, considered endangered due to hybridizing with feral domestic dogs. Our puppies, born January 2018, are incredible cute and friendly! One of our staff will take you into their habitat, where you may interact with, pet, and take some amazing pictures! 


$9.25 person

 Feed our big Nile crocodile, Snappy, his daily ration of chicken, with the help of staff (and a long PVC pole!) Snappy has been with us since he was a six inch baby, and now approaches 9 ft. Be amazed as this prehistoric creature hauls himself out of his pool to grab his food with a powerful snap! (hence his name!) 



$9.25 person

Tank the hippo loves attention! We call him from his pool, and he lumbers over, all 4000 pounds, close to the enclosure barrier, where he opens his mouth and you toss his treats in! SPECTACULAR!



Our sweet little lemurs, King Julian, Lolita, and Terry, come right over to the edge of their habitat and take bananas right out of your hand! No one should miss this!


$9.25 person

Staff takes you right over to our big friendly Camel, Moses, Where you feed him from a bucket, and pose for pictures with him. If you have never been close to a camel, you have to do this! He's NINE FEET TALL!! 


 $6.25 person.
Go in the paddock with Jack, our friendly male donkey, and his three girlfriends, where you can pet and feed them. Jack especially loves having his butt scratched!


$6.25 person 

 Staff will take you right out into the middle of our prairie dog town, where you can feed them, hear their amazing vocalizations, and get up close and personal (no touching allowed)  






 $ 9.25 per person 

Fun comes in small packages!!!! Geared for Toddlers this encounter is a sure hit for your little one to enjoy as they sit on a stool and feed our little fluff darlings!  This is a sure way to get smiles, giggles, laughter and some pretty amazing photo's too!


$ 9.25 per person

Fall in love with these amazing deer as they come right up and gently eat out of your hand! 


Bic Cat Feeding:

$9.25 per person

Be totally amazed as the "Zoo Man"

Michael Hicks himself demonstrates the power and  majesty of these spectacular mammals .

This is only available at 32p.m. Saturday and Sunday 

School Holidays and 

Spring Break!

Don't Miss It!



Coming Soon!

Peacock Square Pavilion

BOOK THE PEACOCK SQUARE PAVILION TODAY FOR 2019! Come say "I Do" in our beautiful New Pavilion it's  the venue for the Wedding of your wildest dreams, located on our beautiful 27 acre Zoo in Bastrop, County! The Peacock Square Pavilion can also be booked for ...

Corporate Event's, Quinceanera's, Life Celebration's, Memorial's,  Birthday's, Holiday's  and  much  more! JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING BREAK 2019 NEW, FUN, AND EXCITING!!! 



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