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Field Trips

Starting in Fall of 2018, Capital of Texas Zoo has initiated an exciting new learning experience for kids of all ages!

FACILITIES: The PEACOCK PAVILION is nearly completed and will be ready to go! Able to hold over a hundred children at a time, the pavilion can be utilized both for educational programs, and as a dry, cool spot for groups to have lunch! BATHROOMS have been expanded and renovated,for fast, efficient use by students. And, the newly expanded and renovated REPTILE THEATER is also available for outstanding learning experiences!

LEARNING STATIONS: INCLUDED in your admission fee are three to five learning stations (depending on the size of your group) where our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides give a presentation (tailored to TEKS where possible) and answer questions from your students. There will be hands-on experiences for ALL your students, while a few lucky student volunteers will be selected to help with portions of most presentations. Stations include:

REPTILE ENCOUNTERS: Pet a python, Touch a giant tortoise, love on a lizard! If air temperatures are high enough, 2 or 3 lucky students may get the opportunity to pole feed our 10 ft Nile Crocodile, Snappy, a piece of chicken!  All the students will be allowed in our giant tortoise corral to get acquainted with our herd of rescued giant tortoises, and, if temperatures are appropriate, feed them a little lettuce. And, finally, one of our tame and trustworthy pythons will be brought out to demonstrate the many unique features of snakes!

HUNGRY, HUNGRY HIPPO: Our 4000 lb hippo, Tank, who has been with us since he was a baby, knows his name, comes when called, and loves to show off for spellbound kids! One or two lucky kids will get to feed our hungry, hungry hippo treats when he opens his HUGE mouth when asked to! Watching one of the largest land mammals in existence today come up out of his swimming pool and lumber over to the hippo observation deck is an experience no child should miss!

FANG AND CLAW: The strength and power of our white tiger, Rajah, and our lions, Bamboo and Binti, have to be seen to be believed. So, we show it to you! A feeding demonstration, together with an educational talk,
is the highlight of a field trip for many students (and teachers!)

WINGS: Our bird program, featuring some of our rescued and endangered parrots, is both fun and educational, and, of course, many of our birds talk and whistle!

ZOO SHOW: Our famous general educational program, featuring mammals, birds, and reptiles, has been educating kids since 1995. The first and still the best., the Zoo Show does 300 off premises programs a year.

FEES:  $6.25 per student, parent, or sibling (15 people minimum). Teachers and bus drivers free.

TO BOOK: Please email info@capitaloftexaszoo.org, or call 512-657-2682.

CANCELLATIONS: Please cancel at least 30 days in advance minimum.

Please check our Facebook page, Capital of Texas Zoo, for the latest most up to date information.
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