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Field Trips

Field Trips - Tips for a Terrific Learning Experience


Make Your Zoo Reservation

Reservations can be made seven days a week by calling (512) 657-2682.

Field Trips can start as early as 9:30 AM. They last from 1-3 hours, depending on the needs of the group.

New! Picnic area can accommodate groups of up to 100 with new Tables and Bathrooms!

Special Field Trip Prices

With a minimum of 20 students, $6.00 per child or chaperone.  Teachers free. 

The Day of Your Visit

To be admitted to the Zoo quickly, please take the following steps before your arrival:

1. Count the number of students in your group.
2. Count the number of school staff in your group.
3. Count the number of adult chaperons in your group.
4. Prepare: one (1) check or cash for the exact amount owed and have it ready. (Make all checks payable to Zoo Show)


Adult Chaperones who are not teachers/staff are required to pay a $6.00 field trip fee.


You may bring lunches to the Zoo. However, for the safety of our animals, students may not carry lunches or snacks during the tour. Please note: Straws and balloons are not allowed on zoo grounds as they are dangerous for the animals.


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